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    Monday, December 7, 2009

    Album Review- We Were Pirates "Cutting Ties"

    by: Alex Mayfield

    We Were Pirates is composed of Mike Boggs, who self recorded this entire debut album. I was very surprised when I felt that Boggs created something that is definitely enjoyable. The balance between the instrumentation and the vocals provides a state of relaxation with an upbeat feel. Each track is a little bit different from the others. Some songs have a dark somewhat angry tone, but not really angry because how angry can you really sound with a synthesizer playing a cute melody behind it (“Little Monsters”), while other tracks directly remind me of the Beach Boys (“Rich Girl”). I do not know why most bands these days love the synthesizer, but most people need to stop. That being said, We Were Pirates presents it in a way that is very bearable. Keep a look out for We Were Pirates because a debut album that is this good means that a future album will be on the verge of masterpiece. By the way, he recorded this entire album on his iBook. 8.0 out of 10

    Download: Little Monsters”, “Cutting Ties”, “Settle Down”