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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    WASU Top Ten & Adds 1/26/10

    Top Ten
    1. Robert Francis- "Keep on Running"
    2. Imagine Dragons- "I Need a Minute"
    3. Systems Officer- "East"
    4. Art Decade- "Royalty"
    5. Wolfmother- "White Feathers"
    6. We All Have Hooks For Hands- "Howling and Bellowing"
    7. Norah Jones- "Chasing Pirates"
    8. Nerami- "Uninspired"
    9. Them Crooked Vultures- "New Fang"
    10. Blakroc- "Ain't Nothing Like You"

    Recent Adds
    1. Spoon- "Trouble Comes Running"
    2. Los Campesinos!- "Romance Is Boring"
    3. The Eels- "Gone Man"
    4. OK G0- "This Too Shall Pass"
    5. Cosmo Jarvis- "She's Got You"

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Album Review- Gobotron "On Your Mark, Get Set..."

    by: Alex Mayfield

    When discussing Gobotron you have to look at where it came from. This side project from Manchester Orchestra’s guitarist, Robert McDowell, brings a certain unique familiarity that is easy to enjoy. What I mean by that is that Gobotron delivers a sound that is catchy and different, but at the same time the sound of the album rings similar to the ever so great Manchester Orchestra, mainly due to the guitars (duh!) and that fact that both vocals share similar tones, but it isn’t Manchester. Gobotron makes sure that its own being, though it sounds similar, you can tell the difference. Songs drive and pulse in ways that create a feeling that most bands don’t capture. It is nice to hear something that is not another MGMT knock off. If you are expecting a masterpiece like Means Everything To Nothing, this isn’t it, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Expect great things from Gobotron because On Your Mark, Get Set… is quite good. 7.1 out of 10

    Download: “Cobbler”, “I Lied”, “Never Turn Around”

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    WASU Top Ten & Adds 1/9/10

    Top Ten

    1. Asteroids Galaxy Tour- "The Golden Age"
    2. Relient K- "Sahara"
    3. Parlour Steps- "As The World Turned Out"
    4. Tegan & Sara- "Hell"
    5. Robert Francis- "Keep On Running"
    6. Imagine Dragons- "I Need A Minute"
    7. We All Have Hooks For Hands- "Howling And Bellowing"
    8. Systems Officer- "East"
    9. Los Campesinos!- "There Are Listed Buildings"
    10. Norah Jones- "Chasing Pirates"

    Recent Adds

    Animal Kingdom- "Two By Two"
    Retribution Gospel Choir- "Hide It Away"
    Italian Japanese- "Le Pony"
    The Films- "Amateur Hour"
    The Soft Pack- "Answer To Yourself"
    Gobotron- "I Lied"
    Vampire Weekend- "Run"
    Dawn Landes- "Young Girl"
    Blue Eyed Shark Experiment- "Goodbye My Little Friend"